Starting Kindergarten – The Essentials

Starting Kindergarten

Shut up, I can’t believe it. Yesterday I was giving birth to her, and now she’s on the verge of trotting off to four-year-old kindergarten three mornings a week.


She’s been dying to go since last year, and often makes me drive past so she can see it. She pays no attention to the fact it’s closed and nobody is in there, she wants to go in and play, and is so sad when she can’t. I’m so, so excited for her, and I’m pretty excited to be a kinder mum. I’ve already signed up to be the newsletter and website editor. I am ridiculous.

This week I’ve got plenty of lunchbox inspiration for you so you shouldn’t have to scrounge for an idea this year – just about all of them can be made ahead and frozen (if needed), and they’re all healthy (some are only healthy-ish. But you know me).

A few people have asked where I have sourced the lunchbox and things I’ve been using for the girls, and here they are! I’ve debated getting a new, bigger SoYoung backpack (2), but I can’t imagine she’ll need much bigger than this one this year, so we’ll continue with the toddler size. It has been used regularly for two years now (both girls have one) and they show no signs of slowing down. The backpacks are waterproof, made responsibly, and free from plasticky nasties. The detachable insulated lunchbox clips onto the front, or can go inside the bag.

I’ve recently bought a stainless steel LunchBots lunchbox (1) with three sections, which will replace all the smaller separate containers I had (thank you Japan). It’s probably too small for a sandwich, but it will do for fruit and extras.

I use our YumBoxes (4) a lot, ever since I was sent some to try. It was the first lunchbox I’d seen that was bento-style with a sealing lid that meant compartments didn’t run over into other compartments. Sold. Plastic nasties-free, cute, easy for the kids to use, a dipping sauce section, and each compartment notifying you of what you might like to put in it for a balanced lunch of protein, fruit, grains, etc, even more sold. I love them, and they fit into the SoYoung lunchbox perfectly.

Also a big fan of stainless steel waterbottles and my kids appear to use them with no issue, although they have been using cups at day care and haven’t needed to bring their own bottle. Just in case, this Kleen Kanteen (3) one is cute and will do!

I’ve also had good luck with the vinyl name labels from TinyMe (but not the iron-on clothing ones, unfortunately), so we’ll keep using my stash of them. They’re very sweet (I used the Woodland Creatures and Woodland Flowers designs but they’ve got more cute ones now too!).

We’ve tried plenty of kiddo sunscreens in the last few years, and like most of them – they do what they say they will, at least. We’ll carry on with the WotNot sunscreen and the Little Innoscents, but I’d also like to try the new Eco Tan one – remember when I did the Eco Tan self-tanner review? I still love them.

And the last thing on my list is a hat, but I haven’t found any cool ones I like that are (preferably) ethically made and good for Aussie summers. Any thoughts?



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    Those Lunch Bots look cool I may invest. I know nothing about sustainably grown cotton hats. My biggie has a standard issue wide brim hat for BIG school this year. It’s hideous. But of course, she loves it. Because… BIG school. Waaaah. Newsletter and website editor for Kinder. You are UNSTOPPABLE. Ha ha ha.

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    We have that same size LunchBots box – it was great for 3 year old kindy where E only stayed for the morning so only needed a snack, now that we need lunch as well it’s not big enough anymore. I assume you know Sarah (Hunting for Ladybugs) does hats? She’d probably find you organic cotton if that’s what you want. Both my girls have always worn her hats and they’re great! We also like Oobi hats, love the wide wide brims.

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      Oh thanks for that link! We had some Oobi outfits when the girls were little, I’ll have to have a look. I too was a bit surprised when I opened the LunchBots package and saw how small it was, then I realised I’d bought the little one and not the one that would fit a sandwich, which is what I’ll have to get for school. Lucky I’ve got another kid I can pass it on to!

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    We went to Kindy Orientation day today. My Esther is going to love it! She loved this morning and was sad when we had to go. I can’t believe how fast we’ve gotten to this stage but I’m excited for her. :)

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    Oobi hats are awesome, but there’s also an excellent pattern by Oliver & S, and if you can find someone to make them for you…? (hint hint).

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    I am so terrified about my big boy starting kinder! He is super excited, and I am making sure I am excited for him but I cannot believe he has grown up already. I’m going to be sobbing in the car park I just know it!!!

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    My 5 year old is starting FYOS in a couple of weeks and I am guilty of completely under-thinking all of this. I suspect I have a VERY steep learning curve ahead of me…

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    Hi! My big 4 year old starts kindy next week too….def the start of a new era…exciting and also bittersweet ;) We’ve got these hats for her and her big sister.
    They’re great cos they’re broad rimmed and have a strap so they can’t blow away or fall off amidst all the running and playing. Had them for a while and they’ve lasted well. We have one dinosaur hat (ms 4 year old is dinosaur-crazy!) & one mermaid hat! Honestly don’t know about their production process though…hope that’s helpful.
    Love your blog. Enjoy the new era! Kate x

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