30 Things to Do With Ripe Tomatoes


Got a glut of tomatoes? Here are 30 ways to cook, bake, eat, and preserve them for later. So good! www.theveggiemama.comIt’s that time of year when the tomato growth is outdoing our capacity to eat them all on crackers with sea salt. Right? Right.

I make a lot with good big juicy red ripe tomatoes, and this year I experimented even further. Between that and the jam, there’s no room left in my pantry for anything else. Except probably more salt. I love salt.

If you’re finding yourself swimming in more tomato than you know what to do with, then grab a big pot, some sterilised jars, and flavoursome odds and ends. You’ll thank yourself in the middle of winter!

You can, of course, make tomato chutney. or relish. Whatever. I made two big jars. Also ketchup.

Or try enchilada sauce, which I did this time. It’s a bit watery as I only have a water bath canner (and therefore am limited to what I can can to be shelf-stable, unlike pressure canners) but it will thicken up nicely when needed.


I also made barbecue sauce this year, which required skinning the tomatoes, which requires blanching and iced water, which is entirely too much faffing about for my liking, but I like barbecue sauce. The smoky, sweet, thick kind. I’ve got my fingers crossed for when I open these babies. The link isn’t the recipe I used (cos I can’t remember it!) but that’s the one I want to try next.


What I wish I HAD done was make these beautiful semi-dried tomatoes from Foxslane. Ugh. I want them so bad.


You can use them to make this chilli tomato jam, or this chilli tomato sugo. Make tons and can the former, freeze the latter.

Or you could try:

Tomato Sauce (recipes for both water bath and pressure canners)

Oven-Dried Tomatoes

Tomato Chips

Simple Roasted Tomato Sauce

How to Make Tomato Paste

Italian Tomato Sauce

Passata (I want that giant pot!)


Pasta e Fagioli

Zesty Salsa for Canning

Oven-Roasted Tomatoes

Tomato and Basil Bake

How to Make Canned Tomatoes

Carrot, Tomato, and Coconut Soup (really only including this for the newborn spam!)

Roasted Tomato Soup

Make Your Own Canned Pizza Sauce

Shakshuka on a Budget

Homemade Pico de Gallo

Crockpot Marinara Sauce

Homemade V8 Juice

Grilled Tomato Gazpacho

Roasted Salsa

Recipes for Canning Tomatoes


So what are you gonna make? What’s your tomato glut go-to recipe?


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    So far I’ve done 15 jars of the River Cottage Roasted Tomato Passata and 8 jars of Ball Preserving Book Bruschetta-In-A-Jar. So yummy!

  3. 7

    God I love tomatoes! Thanks for including our tomato passata, Stace. We are sun drying some tomatoes in a thunderstorm today… er… not quite working! Hopefully the sun will resume operation tomorrow!!! x

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  5. 11

    My pantry was chock full of passata when my plants were producing. Every time I made a batch of Kate’s oven dried tomatoes we ate them almost immediately! They are the very best. Since my plants have finished I picked up bags of toms on the cheap & just last Friday scored a boxed of second quality ones for 10 bucks! I actually jarred up some whole peeled tomatoes & tried drying them in the dehydrator- they are OK but not a smidge as good as the oven dried ones. I’ll stick to that method forever. I ran out of jars so still have half a box on the bench that I gotta do stuff with s soon as I get my hands on more jars. Thanks for the tips x

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